Junior Product Owner WANTED


EyeQ Tech is an award-winning startup with prizes from Korean SK Accelerator, Visa Everywhere, Startup Wheel. We are building AI solutions for big clients like Unilever factory, SOJO Hotel chain.


We are on the mission to inject intelligence into what doesn’t have it, from retail, advertising, banking to healthcare, robotics. We are the pioneer in Vietnam to bring applications of advanced Computer Vision – Recognition researches to solve real businesses’ problems; the first to build a full-scale product and deliver it to the customers.

In charge of what features to build into a product.
Liaise between users, designers and developers to get the job done.
Ambitious, Self-driven and Willing to learn
Best if you want to start your own company later in your career.

2. Requirements
Skills including (basic level): product understanding and communication.
Practical skills like mockup, wireframe design is preferable, but NOT required.
Technical background is preferable, but NOT required.
Willing to learn, yes, we mean it, you’ll have unlimited access to Udemy courses to upskill.

Why should you apply for this job?
We are building a brand-new product which will revolutionize the recruitment process, making it way more efficient than current practice. Don’t believe us? Try applying for this job.
This position will be groomed to become the CEO of a tech company in the future and see things through the founder’s perspective. Yes, the project will be a spin-off to a new company.
This position is NOT suitable for someone who desires a ‘safe’, ‘day-in day-out’ job. You have to be bold, ready to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, fail, learn and improve.

3. Benefits
Salary & bonus: you’ll love it, and meaningful stock.
We also have other benefits which will be discussed during the interview.
Opportunities to work with a high-growth technical startup, and a large-scale product.
Flexible time, no one checks over your shoulder, as long as you get the job done.
Free Gym, Swimming Pool Access
Quarterly team buildings and a lot of fun ahead.

4. How to apply
Send your CV to [email protected]
Subject: [JUNIOR PRODUCT OWNER] – [Your name]
Any question, please feel free to ask at the same email above.

5. Interview materials:
We are doing you a favor by tipping you the following books/tutorials to read in advance:

  • “Zero To One” by Peter Thiel
  • Business Model Canvas – Alexander Osterwalder (in the book “Business Model Generation”)
  • Optional read: “The design of everyday things”  by Don Norman
  • Optional read: “Discounted Cash Flow” from




028 7108 8680 (Hotline)
Room 903, 9th Floor, Diamond Plaza Building, 34 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam