Headcount solution

Measure the number of people passing by and customers entering your store, optimize staff allocation as well as marketing strategies and watch your profits skyrocket.
EyeQ retail provides high accuracy level due to its Face Recognition technology based on Machine Learning platform and provides many different data sets to drive your results.

Group Counting:

Recognize different faces simultaneously and not miss any face.

Real-time Store Traffic Tracking:

Count the number of people entering and passing by your stores with 98% accuracy, in real time.

Differentiate newcomer & visited ones:

Distinguish the new visitor and visited customer, which helps retailer track the retention rate and improve the store service.

Optimize Conversion rate:

Explore your store ‘s effectiveness through the numbers of customer who makes daily sales and the store retention rate based on new visitor and visited turns.

Street Counting:

Know how many potential visitors pass by your stores and your street-to-store conversion rate.

Peak Hours:

Discover your hours in which your stores generate most traffic and create the appropriate promotion campaign that gain high effectiveness.

Chain Stores Comparison:

Know the highest and lowest performing store in retail chain, explore in-store process and improve it.

Staff Optimization:

Optimize staff allocation in accordance to the number of visitors and their needs within your stores during peak hours.

Heatmap solution

Increase customer engagement levels, optimize their path to purchase and raise your profits substantially with EyeQ ‘s Heatmap. With our Action Recognition technologies, Heatmap solution allows you to follow the customers’ journey inside your store and discover the areas that they are more attracted to.

New Product Launching testing:

By tracking customer ‘s moving, Heatmap is built based on dwell time every customer spend at specific location. You can measure the attractiveness level of new product in different place in store.

Marketing Effectiveness Testing:

Improve marketing effectiveness by analyzing the success of your events, campaigns and different media channels used in different areas. Retailers can use data from HeadCount solution to measure the result of marketing campaign as well.

Improve Store Design and optimize popular store area:

Discover the popular areas your customers are being attracted to. This will help you make decisions about your product placements, store layout and popular area attractiveness.

queue management solution

Decrease the waiting time at check out desk and leverage your customer experience. Using A.I powered camera to count people and track their time, retailer can control the average time spent each shopper and allocate staffs well.

Checkout Queue analysis:

Avoid over-crowded checkout queues by allocating your employee according to the peak hours, which can be tracked by A.I powered counter. This will lead to better customer experience.

Checkout Queue Tracking:

Calculate the number of shoppers that leave the checkout queues, average time spent at queues, which helps you measure effectiveness and optimize customer service.

Heatmap solution

Verify (based on Scan & Go) and recognize consumer goods on A.I system, inject hi-tech value into your system.
Real-time image processing increases customer experience with fast, convenient check-out and no waiting line.
Get customer ‘s feedback quickly
Integrate POS system, diversify payment methods
Saving labour cost, staff optimization




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