Enhance Retail Customer Experience from insightful statistics

By implementing an advanced AI camera system, EyeQ enables coffee shops, restaurants and retail outlets to:

  • Get statistics of customers base on genders, age, emotion, number of visits by facial analysis
  • Match faces to outlets' customer database. Every individual of customer database will have face records of his or her visit history
  • Get notified of return customers instantly
  • Welcome return customers at entrance to create personal connections them
EyeQ CRM Cafe shop owner happy

Personalized Advertisement

Retargeting offline ads screens

    By integrating smart AI camera modules into advertising screens, EyeQ enables ads screen companies to:

  • Count number of people looking at ads screens and generate insights of gender, age, emotion, appearance
  • Calculate Cost Per Impression (CPI) and evaluate ads screens effectiveness
  • Real-time ads switching for attracted viewers
  • Large-scale offline personalized advertisement
EyeQ for Bank

Security in Industry 4.0

Absolute safety for your environments

    Applying Deep Learning in Face Recognition, EyeQ conducts real-time video analytics to enable:

  • 24/7 face tracking system
  • Locating suspicious targets in blacklist
  • Real-time warning and alarm to eliminate threats
  • Compatibility: Our software can be easily embedded with current environment's hardware - camera system
Founder, CEO

Tung Le, PhD

Graduated from the doctoral program at the University of New South Wales, one of the Top 100 programs in Computer Science. With deep knowledge of big data, Dr. Tung desires to create intelligent and innovative products offering high quality.
Co-founder, Product design

Duy Luong

Graduated with a degree specialized in Software Engineering. Yet, Mr. Duy decided to make a career change towards Mobile App UI Design to pursue his childhood passion of drawing. He believed that a good product is the interface between technology and art.
Co-founder & CTO

Tuan Thi

Tuan Thi received his PhD degree in Computer Science in the areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. He has been working for Canon, Placemeter and TripAdvisor on camera analytics, virtual reality and recommender system. He owns more than 10 peer-reviewed publications and several patents in Deep Learning and Video Analytics.
Product Manager

Phuc Nguyen

Completing bachelor degree at Advance Program in Computer Science from HCMC University of Science, Phuc yet decided to pursue his dream and passion to become a tech entrepreneur.

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