Python Mid-Senior Developer

If you: 

– Are curious, ask good questions
– Self-motivated
– Able to learn new things super-fast
– Have great professionalism
– Have a degree? We don’t care, as long as you rock!

Then you are a good fit!


Further requirements:


– Experience in Test Driven Development.

– Software design patterns: fluent with patterns, like Singleton, Factory, Decorator, Adapter.

– Highly-scalable real-time system: 10,000 concurrent users is not a problem to you.

– Experience in Python or NodeJs

– Experience in both SQL and NoSQL and know when to use what.



– Build cross-platform app, running on web and desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac), you must demo at least one app.


– Algorithm and data structure knowledge: know how to optimize your code, for e.g: write
O(nlogn) algo, rather than O(n2)




– Salary: Up to $3,000 (based on experiences).

– Flexible, no one checks over your shoulder, as long as you get the job done.



For more information and application, please contact us via

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