Getting used to our recruitment process

Sitting for interviews is nerve-racking. Sure, we understand that, so we’d like to post some guidelines and hope that you can get yourself prepared. Trust us, we really hope you ace our interviews because we are tired of looking.

First round – Video Interview.

We often have several rounds of interviews, even for internship positions. In the first round, it will be via automatic video-interview RecruitGenius. You will speak to a camera, with your screen sharing on. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection and a quiet room. Try not to use a cafe for those reasons. Once you started, the timer is started, and it will elapse, regardless of whether you refresh the page or not.

If you are interviewing for a technical position (AI/dev), then you will need to do the coding on a code pad. The code pad doesn’t compile code, so you need to check for syntax after you’re done. It’s OK if you code on your IDE and copy the code over, but please share the screen with the IDE so we can believe that it’s your own code, not someone’s else.

And remember, our team (human) will watch your working process, the way you explain your decision. Please keep it professional: do not swear, and put a shirt on, you get the idea.

The interview interface will look similar to this. Coding interview will often last at least 2 hours.

If you ace the first round! Yay! Prepare for the next round, which comes less than a week later with our team (engineer, CEO, .etc) depends on who you’ll work with.

Second round – Face to face interview.

It’s normally online via Google Meet. In this round, it’s both competency and culture fit. Competency in the sense that our team will clarify answers that are not so clear in the previous round. Then it will be a two-way conversation, rather than an interview, to see if we’re fit with each other.

If you are a great fit, then congratulations, we’ll make an offer, normally after 3 days. If we need to extend the wait time, we’ll let you know.

If we don’t go on with you, then we’ll let you know too, the maximum wait time is one week from the day of your last round of interview.

We hope that you’ll find some useful information from this post and get well-prepared.

Remember, we’re on your side. Best of luck!





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