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Who are we?

EyeQ is the tech startup developing advanced AI, Deep Learning and Computer Vision technology to revolutionize and disrupt the industries of retailing, F&B, franchising, advertising and banking.

What do we do, to be exact?

We are the pioneer in Vietnam to bring applications of advanced Computer Vision – Face Recognition researches to solve real businesses’ problems and make money; the first to build a full-scale product and deliver it to the customers!

We implement AI camera system to help businesses analyze their visitors at coffee shops, build a complete database of visitors and welcome return visitors.

We help the businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their ads by counting the number of people at a place or around TV ads screens (at shopping malls, department stores), generate insights such as:

  • How many people look at the screens per day. (E.g how many impressions a specific screen  generates in a day)
  • What are the traits of the viewers? We generate statistics of genders, ages, emotions of the viewers
  • We enable offline advertising on ads screens: Based on the insights we collect via our cameras, we know exactly whether a specific person show his/ her interest in an ads, and we continuously show that ads to that person repeatedly. Imagine you visit a shopping mall, seeing a random ads screen, showing your interest. EyeQ makes sure that you can keep seeing the content, the product, the brand you enjoy throughout your journey, and help you make the decision to buy the product.
Our partnership with Vingroup

EyeQ is pleased to announce that we have recently established a partnership with Vingroup. EyeQ applies Face Detection and Face Recognition to help Vingroup fasten the registration process of visitors, reduce the waiting time of queuers, apply FaceID to replace visitor card to access to services and overall, help Vingroup improve their Customer Experience on Vinpearl Land – Nha Trang.

In the very next months, EyeQ is ready to bring our technology to play bigger games and add more values for Vingroup, in a variety of fields & industries: security (Vinhomes, Vinschool), retail (Vinmart, Vinmart+), auto-pilot vehicles (Vinfast).

Who we are seeking for?

We are looking for full-time interns/ freshers/ seniors for the following positions:
AI researcher/ developer – Computer Vision/ Machine Learning
 Senior Java Windows-based Application Development
 Senior Web Development

So, if you:
Are self-motivated
Want to work and learn from super-challenging problems
Are able to learn new things super-fast

Don’t hesitate to join us NOW!

🎯 Read the full JD and Benefits here!

🎯 Your CV to recruit@eyeq.tech!


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