EyeQ Founding Team

EyeQ management board includes 2 Ph.D graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Both of them have spent many years abroad studying, researching and working in professional academic and software development.

Dr. Tung Le – CEO

Tung Le on LinkedIn


Tung was granted a full scholarship studying Bachelor of Computer Science.  After graduated, he continued to pursue Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science, specialized in Optimization at the University of New South Wales, Australia (UNSW).  He joined a rocketing Australian startup in public traffic management – SkedGo.

Years of carrying out advance research in highly academic environment (UNSW is ranked amongs top 10 of best Computer Science Departments in the world), Tung has a solid background and is fully equipped with most advanced technologies in diverse fields of Computer Science.


2015, Tung decided to come back to Vietnam and found his first startup, PinBike. He failed once.

2016, Tung found his second startup, ShareCar.vn. This time the startup did a little bit better, making neither a profit nor a loss. Realizing that the market was tiny, Tung again decided to close ShareCar.vn.

However, ShareCar.vn was a solid start for the next and booming business, ShareCarForAds, a platform connecting Uber/ Grab taxi drivers to advertising companies. After over 1 year of pioneering, until 2018, ShareCarForAds generates more than 1 million USD in revenue and becomes the market leader.

ShareCarForAds – Trò chuyện cùng CEO Tùng Lê

During the rise of ShareCarForAds, Tung had another ambition of developing and bringing advanced technologies to apply at Vietnam. EyeQ was founded, bringing the mission and vision of injecting Intelligence into old-and-slow businesses and industries, changing, disrupting and advancing the way Vietnamese corporates work.

Dr. Tuan Thi – CTO

Tuan Thi on LinkedIn


Tuan was granted the full AusAID scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree at University of Technology, Sydney. He graduated Bachelor’s Degree as First Class Honours (top 10% of students all over the Australia). Then he completed his Ph.D Degree specialized in Computer Vision at UNSW, where Tuan met Tung.

In the contrary to Tung, after graduation Tuan continued pursuing advance academic research in Computer Vision and has granted many achievements, papers and publications in the field of Computer Vision.

Dr. Tuan Thi – List of academic papers, researches and publications

Apart from academic research, Tuan has accumulated over 5 years of experience in software engineering at TripAdvisor, one of the leading startups in traveling of the world.

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