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EyeQ Tech Introduction

    Who are we? EyeQ is the tech startup developing advanced AI, Deep Learning and Computer Vision technology to revolutionize and disrupt the industries of retailing, F&B, franchising, advertising and banking. What do we do, to be exact? We are the pioneer in Vietnam to bring applications of advanced Computer Vision – Face Recognition […]
by / September 19, 2017 /In About
EyeQ Winner Startup wheel 2017 ceromony

EyeQ Tech is the CHAMPION of Startup Wheel 2017!

Considered one of the most challenging as well as biggest start-up competition in terms of the prize, award, branding, and organizing committee (BSSC), Startup Wheel has always been a dream for startups community. It is a pride for us to become the champion of Startup Wheel 2017 this year. So if you are curious, enthusiast, fast-learning […]
by anhcao / September 8, 2017 /In News